About our Gardening Club

The roots of our Gardening Club can be traced back to the first ever Village Flower Show which was held in September 1885. It was held in a tent pitched on what was the quoit ground at the back of the Institute, the house now called ‘The Old Rectory,’ so it must have been on land which is now the children’s playground. It was organised by managers of the Horringer and Ickworth Village Club and Institute or what is now known as Horringer Sports and Social Club.

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The Rector, Rev. J. Giddens, acted as secretary and Lord Bristol donated a sum of money to help with prizes and expenses.

Now, some 130 years on the Annual Flower Show is still the main event of our year. The show schedule has around 140 classes covering fruit, vegetables and flowers together with sections on floral art, crafts, cookery and photography.

There is also a special section for children covering age ranges up to 14 years. Total prize money exceeds £250 and there are eighteen trophies to be won.

Today the Club has around 50 members all of whom enjoy gardening, fresh air and fun. A number of speaker meetings are held during the winter months normally on the second Monday of the month on a range of topics of interest to gardeners and ‘outdoor’ people. In summer visits are organised to gardens of interest in the locality and beyond.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in February or March. Annual subscription to the Club costs £5 which helps cover some of our expenses and entry fees to meetings and raffles help with the cost of speakers. In addition of course we need to ensure that we have sufficient funds to run the Flower Show.